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Parliament brings together an eclectic group of luminaries across domains and sectors. It serves as a safe place where dangerously bold ideas can flourish.



PowerShift is the semi-annual convening of Parliament that brings together Members of Parliament, guests of Members of Parliament, and select innovators, collaborators, thought leaders, and authors from our broader community. The convening explores shifting forms of power in organizations and society at large.

PowerShift is a place where executives, artists, and all those in between gain insight and inspiration from each other. The PowerShift experience is a “destination wedding without a wedding” – attendees meet new people with whom they not only form long-lasting and meaningful relationships but with whom they collaborate and make small bet experiments in the days and months following the convening.

Private Salons

Private Salons, often held at Members’ homes or companies, bring members together to build deeper connections and explore themes of high interest. Dinners often stay around 10 – 15 people.


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